Transportation Work Team

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The Transportation Work Team believes that accessible transportation options are the linchpin for individuals with disabilities to attain quality life outcomes. Transportation provides a vital lifeline for people with disabilities to access employment, education, healthcare, and community life.

The Transportation Work Team will research, develop, and promote accessible transportation options with the primary goal of increasing employment opportunities for Kentuckians with disabilities. Developing a plan for transportation – whether that be independent driving, fixed route bus transportation, community paratransit, rideshare, natural supports, and the like – should play a prominent role during the critical transition window for adolescents and young adults. .  

We seek to ensure that short and long range transportation planning becomes second nature to service planning. We also acknowledge that all individuals and families must connect with a variety of supports – including those that are publicly and privately funded, community supports that are available to anyone, and relationship based supports – through the lifespan as we live full and successful lives.

Contact lead if interested in participating.

The next Meeting is Monday, July 29, 2019 10 am – Noon at the Coldstream Training Room located at 1525 Bull Lea Rd #160, Lexington, KY 40511.  Zoom link for the meeting is

A written transcript of the meeting is available – Transportation Work Team Notes.